Fillosophie at Montreal

Look at this fantastic initiative by philosophy students at the University of Quebec at Montreal, Fillosophie:

fillosophie-noir-blanc[1]Our goal is to foster the active presence of women in philosophy and encourage them to do research in the field. […] Women have an important role in philosophy and this is what Fillosophie would like to show. We would love for female undergraduates, especially those who intend to continue their studies in philosophy, to notice the presence of women in the department and to realize that women are active in the philosophical milieu in all levels of study and research.


We find it necessary for women to be more assertive in their work environment. Thus, through our events, we wish to promote the active presence of women and the success of their research in the department, while also creating a welcoming environment and a safe space for all philosophy students.


HT to @alineramos and @SWIPAnalytic