Site visit success.

UPDATE: Due to the vagaries of running a group blog across many time zones, we’ve only now discovered that we were also sent the note and asked to post it. We are happily though belatedly doing so, below.

The faculty and graduate students of the philosophy department at the University of Miami would like to thank the members of the site visit team dispatched by the APA Committee on the Status of Women as part of their Site Visit Program. The team’s visit to our campus (March 2014) was a highly positive experience for the department and we received a very constructive and helpful report. We expect to make a number of changes in our customary practices and departmental policies based on its recommendations. We strongly endorse both the goals and methods of the Site Visit Program and recommend it to other departments that aim to assess and improve climate issues.

Otávio Bueno

Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy
University of Miami

Brian Leiter has posted a note from the chair of the University of Miami. The site visit’s outcomes appear to be just what we all want.

Thanks to all!

More of the story: the moral philosopher and his international affairs

Despite the vicious outpouring in comments on her first post, there is another post. She tells us much more in this post– much more about how the coercion and manipulation work and why it is so very morally repugnant. Feminists know that the mere utterance of the word ‘yes’ in contexts of enormous power imbalance is not enough to alleviate moral concerns– and we should know enough about our profession to realise that there are indeed enormous power imbalances even between people not at the same university. This post spells all that out beautifully. (It also makes it clear that there have been incidents even within just one university.)