Syllabi on Underrepresented Areas of Philosophy

You can download sample syllabi from the areas of philosophy listed below. I think this is a great resource that a lot of people (myself included) have wished existed. Now it does!

(Link to the whole list of syllabi.)

African/Africana and African-American Philosophy; American Philosophy; Asian and Asian-American Philosophy; Bioethics; Feminist Philosophy; Indigenous Philosophy; Introduction to Philosophy; Islamic Philosophy; Latin American Philosophy; LGBTQ Philosophy; Multicultural/World Philosophies; Philosophy and Disability; Philosophy of Action; Philosophy of Art; Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Economics; Philosophy of Gender; Philosophy of Race; Philosophy of Religion;  Philosophy of Sport;  Philosophy of Science;  Social and Political Philosophy

4 thoughts on “Syllabi on Underrepresented Areas of Philosophy

  1. What’s especially interesting to me about how this set of resources is framed and presented is the way in which ‘underrepresented areas’ is cast as an incredibly broad organizing mechanism, accommodating everything from ‘LGBTQ Philosophy’ to ‘Philosophy of Sport’ (not to imply that those are necessarily distinct!). I’m particularly fascinated by the way in which the term ‘underrepresented areas’ seems to elide any kind of distinction between ‘underrepresented methodologies’ (like queer theory understand as a particular analytical approach to any number of issues, or areas of African-American philosophy understood as a particular contextualist method) and ‘underrepresented subject-matter’ (say, gender and sexuality, or sports, as topics to be investigated in whatever way).

  2. Since they include “philosophy of science,” which I don’t take to be an underrepresented area of philosophy, my interpretation of the categories was that they were listing syllabi according to roughly what sort of classes they were, but they all involved some underrepresented area of philosophy or methodology. That might not have been their actual organizing principle, though.

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