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Stop taxing periods. Period. May 21, 2014

Filed under: body,gender inequality,gendered products,health — Lady Day @ 1:27 pm

A new petition demands that the United Kingdom stop taxing women’s sanitary napkins and tampons as luxuries. According to the petition, men’s razors are not taxable whilst women’s sanitary products are because it is a woman’s choice whether or not to use the latter. Hmm… Perhaps it’s time that British women gather en masse whilst choosing not to use such products and descend on Parliament to protest the tax, perhaps sitting on some posh parliamentary cushions while they’re at it.

…or maybe just sign the petition. Here it is.

(H/t to CA for sharing the petition and to MS for the unorthodox protest suggestion.)


4 Responses to “Stop taxing periods. Period.”

  1. GeurrillaGirl Says:

    I have thought about starting a petition to protest the tax on women’s sanitary products for years. I think about it every time I’m at the cash register… Glad to see that someone has finally done it!

  2. Thank you for supporting our campaign!! It is wonderful to know that so many other people care passionately about this issue. All the best, Laura Coryton

  3. Freckled Feminist Says:

    Hi! Love the suggestion regarding sitting on some posh parliamentary cushions and seeing if Mr Osborne and his friends change their tunes then;) Could your perhaps do me a massive favor and check out my post on the same subject? I’d be really grateful.:) http://freckledxfeminist.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/more-bloody-taxes/

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