British history of philosophy with women.

Feminist History of Philosophy

I just received the announcement for the 21st Anniversary issue of the British Journal of the History of Philosophy. The issue, which has good gender balance as far as authors are concerned, contains one favourite article from each of its 21 issues.  Three of the articles chosen are written about female philosophers:

Perhaps not a roaring success, but – I feel – a success nonetheless.

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3 thoughts on “British history of philosophy with women.

  1. Since there is a damning with faint praise aura about this, I would also like to point out that, in addition to including papers about women philosophers, there are quite a number of papers written by women philosophers. Very few collections do as well.

  2. Sorry – I didn’t mean this to sound at all negative: I think it’s great they picked several papers about women philosophers. I also agree that the issue does very well in terms of gender balance – in fact, I believe I said so in the post.

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