Program Change to Alison Jaggar conference

Following a change in the program, I am very happy to announce again:
“In the Unjust Meantime: A Conference in Honor of Alison M. Jaggar”
The 2014 Morris Colloquium at the University of Colorado Boulder will celebrate the work of Alison Jaggar, CU-Boulder College Professor of Distinction in Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. The conference will feature keynote speakers Vicky (Elizabeth) Spelman, Susan Brison, and Alison Jaggar.  In addition to the keynotes, there will be panel presentations by professional philosophers who studied with Jaggar at CU-Boulder and who currently work in “non-ideal theory.” 
The Morris Colloquium immediately precedes the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (RoME). 
All are welcome to attend both events. There is no registration fee for the Jaggar conference.
For more information, please visit the conference website.
Barrett Emerick
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
bmemerick at

2 thoughts on “Program Change to Alison Jaggar conference

  1. The conference website link still provides excellent information about this wonderful conference. Readers can access this information by clicking on the website headings toward the top of the webpage, such as “Home”, “Conference Program”, “Participant Bios”, “About Alison Jaggar”, and so on. Displayed properly and more tidy, the website link requires the word “home” at the of the url, right after …”jaggar2014/”. I might just delete this comment and edit the link appropriately if Kate does not mind. In any case, this conference really deserves our attention and I look forward to reading eventually the presentations/talks in one form or another.

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