4 thoughts on “Confused Cats Against Feminism

  1. the second one “because it’s not food, where’s my food?” was exactly what occurred to me the second I saw this headline. My cats, however, do need feminism. ‘Cause their person would be *way* more grumpy without the comfort of, e.g., De Beauvoir, bits of Gloria Steinem, Lorde, and the company of other feminists.

  2. Just a note, we have a contact page under “Categories” on the right side of the website. If you would like to share your opinion with us regarding our comment policy, that’s the place to do it, rather than on random other blog posts.

    FWIW, I would also like more public spaces online to discuss some of the issues in the profession currently. But someone has to moderate those spaces, and honestly, the readership here at Fem Phil is such a hodgepodge of people who will practice basic blog etiquette and people who won’t (by say, posting random comments in inappropriate places), that I know I certainly don’t have the energy to write many posts that require heavy moderation.

    So please go spam your facebook wall if you need to vent, instead of making me come over here to delete your random comment. And please stop contributing to the reasons why many of us are reluctant to open up comments.

  3. Back to cats: my beloved Siamese cat, Rosie, hated men. She was not a feminist, however; she just generalized recklessly.

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