Gendered product: The fiat 500c GQ





2014 FIAT® 500c GQ Edition

Getaway Driving for the Modern Gentleman The FIAT® 500c GQ Edition brings classic design and style to the sophisticated, modern gentlemen of the world. Defined both by its agile engine and desirable amenities, this handsome automobile captures the spirit of the confident, well-dressed man.

4 thoughts on “Gendered product: The fiat 500c GQ

  1. Hi Anne, could you please explain what is wrong with this advert? Is it wrong to market products to men, but okay to market them to children, or the elderly, or to the gay community, or to those in certain SES brackets? I’m sincerely curious what the complaint is, but it is hard to say so without being suspected of trolling. I hope the question is taken in the spirit in which it is intended. Thank you.

  2. I am not sure that gendered products have to be “wrong,” but do note that this is not merely marketed for men. That may not be obvious, but it has the logo for “GQ” on the sides of the car. It also uses GQ colors and lines, as far as I can tell. I was actually looking at the Fiat and wondering whether I’d like to have one when my now 14 year car expires. In fact this model is really nicely trimmed out, which it should be at around $6K more than even somewhat embellished versions. Still, I don’t think really I’d want to drive one with that logo on it. It’s as effective as making an otherwise gender-neutral toy in pink, although that would presumably signal an exclusion of boys, rather than an exclusion of women, as this does.

    What is often complained about is the way in which women in bathing suits are used to sell cars. This ad campaign is no exception to that, as one might expect.

    So I think one could criticize it along standard lines; what drew my attention was more that a line of cars is supposedly masculinized. WTF?

  3. I don’t love the idea of being naughty driving a fiat. And Gucci is so old. ;)

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