5 thoughts on “Mansfeel Park

  1. That “I want an apology” bit is choice. I’d guess the only plausible reply would be, “Life is full of disappointment.”

  2. I found the one on male suicide deeply unfunny. There’s actually significant evidence that divorce laws may be partially responsible for the gap.

  3. Yes, suicide is funny.* Men who are concerned about it deserve mockery! Lighten up!

    *NB: only male suicide is funny.

  4. If someone finds the issue of male suicide to be so serious as to deserve comment here, on this post, but have nothing at all to say in the same space about how unfunny it is that there are countless social contexts where men are likely to get immediate empathy but that same sort of default empathy is not extended to women…then I’m calling our that comment as being hypocritical and a derailment.

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