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Citations of Women and Ethnic Minorities in SEP, at Splintered Mind August 8, 2014

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Eric Schwitzgebel counts “27 women on the list: 10% of the total. There is only one woman in the top 50 (Martha Nussbaum, ranked 9th), and seven in the top 100.” [emphasis his]  Among the top 100 most oft-cited, he counts, as far as he can tell, a whopping two who are “other than non-Hispanic and white.”  Schwitzgebel concludes:

 I regard these data as broad confirmation of what we all already knew — perhaps a little more systematic and depressingly specific.At the highest levels of visibility in contemporary mainstream Anglophone analytic philosophy (as measured by citation in the discipline’s leading reference source), men vastly outnumber women, and ethnic minorities are virtually absent.

More at his blog, here.


2 Responses to “Citations of Women and Ethnic Minorities in SEP, at Splintered Mind”

  1. g Says:

    I assume that should be “non-White or Hispanic”, not “White and non-Hispanic”; it doesn’t seem to make sense as stated.

  2. KateNorlock Says:

    Thanks, sorry about the error in haste. Edited to use the blogger’s wording at the OP.

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