Gender gap closed when this happened at Waterloo

See the whole write-up here. Just two “treatment sessions,” presentations of an hour each, to women and men in their first term, had the effects below. One of the treatments was a panel of  upper-year students offering stories about setbacks and adversity as normal and temporary, the “social-belonging” treatment.  In the other, the “affirmation training” treatment, “upper-year students described how they learned to recognize when they were under stress and then affirm areas of their lives outside of their studies.” Findings from this research and more will be presented on August 13, at the Science, Gender, and Technology conference: 

“The young women studied were those enrolled in engineering programs where fewer than 20 per cent of the students are women – programs like electrical, software and mechanical engineering. Of the study participants in these male-dominated programs, the women’s academic average hovered around 65 per cent while young men had an average of 75 per cent, says Logel. Female students who attended a treatment session, saw their average rise to 75 per cent, equivalent to men, whereas women in the control group finished their first year with a 65 per cent average.”

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