Philosophers and Political Theorists boycotting Israel

Lorna Finlayson writes:

I’m emailing on behalf of a group of philosophers and political theorists who, in light of the ongoing violence in Gaza, are expressing our support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This includes our support for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions (not individuals). We believe that as people who think about justice and morality as part of our jobs, we have a particular responsibility to speak out publicly on this issue. We are inviting fellow philosophers and political theorists to express their support by signing our statement. We believe that our action may be of interest to your readers, and so we would be very grateful if you could share the link to our website.

This is obviously an issue on which reasonable feminists can and do disagree. We are posting it because the fact that philosophers and political theorists are organising in this way is News Feminist Philosophers Can Use.