CFP: Journal of the APA

Sally Haslanger writes:

The Journal of the APA will be launching this coming spring. It is crucial to the success of the journal that it represent research done by the many different intellectual constituencies of the APA. The editorial board is highly sensitive to this fact. Those working in philosophy of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, class, those doing Continental philosophy, history of philosophy, those doing innovative philosophy outside the mainstream, PLEASE submit your work, and sooner rather than later. The APA is changing and it will change for the better only if we all make an effort to move it in the right direction. This is a chance to do so.


Sally adds:  Find more information about the journal here:
Find submission link here:


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Women’s representation in ethics

People frequently suggest, at least in conversation, that there are more women in ethics than in other fields; and even that the relatively dearth of women in other fields may be explained by their large numbers in ethics. We still don’t know whether either of these things are true.  But thanks to Kate Norlock’s excellent work with splendid Trent University student Cole Murdoch, we do know a bit more about how well represented women are in two leading ethics journals.