5 thoughts on “Dead at Noon

  1. It’s a beautiful note, and I agree a rational decision. But what if you’re a selfish jerk like me, and you just want to survive as long as possible? Not a matter of religious conviction or anything like that but just not caring about “dignity” and wanting to be conscious as long as possible?

  2. HB, I ask myself similar questions whenever I’m faced with questions about DNR forms. I think it may be that we cannot well imagine how awful it would be to lose one’s mind. But I really don’t know.

    I’m not sure that Gillian Bennett’s decision was particularly made for the benefit of others.

  3. We can’t imagine lots of things, but I’ve thought about it and, first of all I hope I’m ga-ga by the time I get really old so that I won’t worry about dying. And in any case, I just want to survive as long as possible. It just seems that that decision is now not socially acceptable because it’s selfish.

  4. Of course, one of the arguments against instituting assisted suicide is that burdensome people will feel they are being selfish if they don’t off themselves.

  5. Of course. And it’s more broadly interesting because I’d bet that much of what passes for intractable moral disagreement is really semi-tractable empirical disagreement, in particular about the consequences of adopting various policies. The point in public debate seems to me to identify those empirical issues and address them.

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