And then there’s the Green Card …

A frequent commenter on this blog now has a green card problem that will need assistance from a lawyer!

This page gives you an explanation of the problem and a chance to donate.

I’m advocating for a friend, and I have the sense that questions about this can certainly be raised. So look at the case for yourself and see what you think. I myself think that excellence in a beginning prof most certainly should not be wasted on green card issues.

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  1. There’s some difficult issues with starting as a foreign professor in the US. While schools have to cover their part of the cost, there is still a substantial cost to the new professor, who is unlikely to have savings after years in grad school (and also may not have been able to take on extra supplementary paying work in grad school, or while on the US job market, unlike her US counterparts). And not all starting salaries really have enough room for such large initial costs. My school required that we hire a lawyer for both the initial Visa and the green card, even where there was no difficulty in the application, which was hugely expensive. Good luck, Rachel!

  2. It is up to the person who is applying for the permanent resident status to push the university to take the appropriate steps as soon as possible (hard learned lesson for me, since my first employer missed the deadlines too). Generally speaking, when a foreigner is hired, the university has funds to help with the fees even if there is some co-pay (in my case it was about 10% I think). If the deadline is missed, it is true a new search needs to be conducted – though as some who went through this know, the advertisement of such position need not be on a par with what one would normally do since it only needs to satisfy the basic criteria for the green card process (i.e., you do not need the ad to appear to philjobs, etc.). It is indeed a financial burden – I know quite a few people who had to go through it.

  3. j: One issue is that sometimes people are pushing and reminding people…and those people are telling the new faculty member not to worry and that things will be handled…

    …and sometimes those people change their minds without communicating it to the new faculty.

  4. One thing to drill into students’ heads when considering an offer (whether academic or otherwise) for which they’d have to immigrant is to nail down all the immigration issues in writing. This seems especially true in the US. If you don’t have it in writing as part of your offer and contract, you should presume that you are on your own until proven otherwise.

  5. …and more updates. Things just took a giant turn for the worse. I had to end a meeting with the associate provost because I was being attacked and the proposed solution discussed by me and the lawyer was rejected by the assoc. provost. …I was told that the lawyer works for them and must do what they tell him.

  6. Rachel, i cannot tell you how distressing this news is. But I hope that we can still assume there’s no malice.

    I do know fairly first hand of cases where administrators post an advertisement but word it so that it is clear that few people would apply. I would have thought that would be easy. In your case since you conjunction of interests is surely not common and if they add in “and is experienced in campus advocacy for …” Then hopefully the numbers go close to one.

  7. I echo Anne’s distress and sympathy. However, I’m not so sanguine about the lack of malice, or rather, the presence of the sort of benevolence that would lead them to make a targeted advert. After all, surely the easiest path to retention is to do what their own lawyer recommends, which is merely rectifying their own failures!

    OTOH, if the advert is in the hands of the department, they can compensate for the provosts malice or callous indifference.

    Sorry, to be a downer, but I think at this point the safest path is to presume that “if you don’t do it, it won’t be done to your benefit”. That’s been the pattern so far…

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