Diversity and Publishing in Aesthetics

Aesthetics for Birds has a post by Sherri Irvin on “Diversity and Inclusiveness in Aesthetics Publishing.”  From her conclusions:

“It is, of course, impossible to draw any conclusions about causation from these data. But a few things are notable. In the two most prominent print journals in aesthetics, the representation of women is significantly lower than the rate at which women belong to the relevant professional organizations. In JAAC, the rate at which women have been published since 2010 is lower than the rate at which they have submitted articles from 2011-2014.

A much higher proportion of the articles in CA are authored by women, as compared to both BJA and JAAC. It also has twice as many women among its referees (as compared toJAAC) and editorial consultants (as compared to BJA).

JAAC is tracking gender and geographic balance of submissions, acceptances and referees, while BJA and CA are not. BJA is actively trying to broaden the range of topics that the journal is understood to embrace. CA has since its inception embraced (and, in my judgment, effectively signaled that it embraces) diversity of topics, and has an editorial practice of fostering publication by authors whose first language is not English.”