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From Gabriele Contessa — see his blog for the details as to how to submit:

New Feature/Call for Proposals: The Philosophy Spotlight

… It will consist in a post by a philosopher, X, recommending a paper by another philosopher, Y, and explaining briefly the content of the paper and why they think the paper should be widely read.
The only necessary conditions are:

  1. X is distinct from Y (no self-nominations and no anonymous nominations, sorry!).
  2. Y does not work for a Leiterific department (I hate to have to do so but we are going to rely on the latest PGR ranking to determine whether a department is Leiterific, On this interpretation, D is not a Leiterific Department iff D does not appear on the general “international” top-50 list of the latest PGR).
  3. Y has agreed for his/her paper to appear on The Philosopher’s Spotlight.

Some further considerations you might want to keep in mind in choosing a paper to nominate (none of them amounts to a necessary condition; nor does their disjunction).

  • Y’s paper is not published in a top journal.
  • Y is a philosopher who belongs to an underrepresented group in philosophy (since this is not a necessary criterion, I’m not going to specify what I mean).
  • Y’s paper is of broad philosophical interest.
  • … (I might keep adding optional criteria here. Please feel free to suggest additional optional criteria in the comments!)

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