Charlotte Witt blogs about Livestrong

On the occasion of Pinktober over at Fit is a Feminist Issue.

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2013, I was a physically active person, who enjoyed yoga, dance, biking, kayaking and also went to the gym regularly. Although I was no athlete in my pre-cancer life, it was shocking to find myself in a wheelchair unable to breathe or to walk as a consequence of chemotherapy induced pulmonary embolisms and atypical pneumonia. Once I pulled through the crisis I decided that regaining my range of physical activities would be the central focus of my life after treatment. Accordingly, a week before the end of my daily radiation treatments, I went back to work and I joined a Livestrong program at my local YMCA. ( The Livestrong program provides free exercise coaching and YMCA membership to cancer “survivors”…

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  1. This program looks terrific.

    There is another program for people who are trying to gain or regain some strength. It isn’t restricted to cancer sufferers nor is it really age restricted. It’s called “silver sneakers” and joining it may be backed by your health insurance; my very standard one will pay for it. Classes are held at a large number of locations, and gym memberships are included at no extra cost (at least usually). People who give the course undergo considerable training.

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