Sexist chants and the climate for female lecturers

“Universities have set in place a system which allows female lecturers’ careers to be influenced by their ability to “satisfy”, among others, young men who view women in the terms expressed in this and similar chants. This should give pause for thought about the implications of this marketised system for equal opportunities.”

See Sexist student chant raises wider concern about appraisals of female lecturers in The Conversation.

Missed the chanting story? See here for background.

One thought on “Sexist chants and the climate for female lecturers

  1. When I was walking through a quad at Princeton one evening about 7 years ago I heard a very large group of men in dorms singing a very similar song, but it also contained a verse about f****** an infant in its head (i.e. fontanelle). I felt a surge of fear and nausea as I quickened my pace to get out of earshot. (Also felt glad I never went to Princeton).

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