Open thread: supporting victims of sexual harassment

Some high profile cases of sexual harassment in philosophy have been in the news again recently. But as unfortunate and upsetting as those cases are, part of grappling with philosophy’s sexual harassment problem is realizing that it isn’t isolated to one or two bad cases or one or two bad actors. There are a lot of bad cases. And there are a lot of victims. Some of these victims have asked for an open thread here where we can publicly express support for victims and where we can talk about ways – both public and private – to help people in our profession who have been sexually harassed. This is an open thread for that purpose.

Comments are going to be heavily moderated. This thread is for expressions of support, and for ideas about how we can help victims. That’s it. If you want to talk about due process or hypothetical situations involving false accusations, that’s fine – those conversations are important. But they’re not going to happen here.