#BeenRapedNeverReported goes global

If you are reading this in Canada, or if you read this post, you know that Canada is still reeling from reports that Jian Ghomeshi, until a week ago one of progressive Canada’s most beloved media figures, has for years been sexually assaulting women. For many Canadian women, the most disheartening aspect to the story was the thousands upon thousands of Ghomeshi supporters who dismissed Ghomeshi’s accusers’ claims because they hadn’t reported them to the police.

Thursday, distinguished Canadian journalist Antonia Zerbisias responded to the situation by creating the hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported. Within 24 hours, people around the world had used the hashtag to tweet about their experiences with rape. The hashtag continues to trend with millions of courageous people sharing their stories and painting a rich picture of why so many rapes go unreported. Here’s the Toronto Star‘s coverage of the story.

It’s Halloween and they’re back! Williams and Ceci again

Recent  research reports significant faculty bias against women students in science.  

However, Williams and Ceci have an op-ed piece in the NY Times stating a conflicting conclusion from their recent research:  there’s no bias aainst women in math-intensive fields in STEM.  Their piece links to a forthcoming article by them.

Are they right?  If you have the time, you might try to analyze their work.  I don’t have the time, so let me simply urge a lot of caution when you read about the recent work.  They published a similar conclusion in 2011, and there turned out to be serious problems with their reasoning.  We discuss some of them here.