Pregnant women’s rights

A depressing catalogue of the ways that pregnant women’s rights are denied. And a call to action.

If we want to end these unjust and inhumane arrests and forced interventions on pregnant women, we need to stop focusing only on the abortion issue and start working to protect the personhood of pregnant women.

We should be able to work across the spectrum of opinion about abortion to unite in the defense of one basic principle: that at no point in her pregnancy should a woman lose her civil and human rights.

What is it like to be trans* in academia?

A new blog!

What is it like to be trans* in academia?

By “trans*” is meant any of the following (not an exhaustive list): transgender, transsexual, trans with or without the *, genderqueer, non-binary. If you understand yourself to fall in the category of being trans*, we’d like to hear your stories about what it is like for you in the academy.

The model is blogs such as “What is it like to be a woman in philosophy” though the focus is not merely philosophy. The aim is consciousness-raising as well as a sense of solidarity for those of us in this position.