What is it like to be a person of colour in philosophy?

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This blog contains narratives of personal experiences, submitted by readers, of life in philosophy as a person of color. Some of these stories will undoubtedly be accounts of racial bias, whether explicit, unconscious, or institutional. However, other posts will be accounts of progress being undertaken or achieved.

This is a project of several philosophers of all colors, moderated by a group of philosophy faculty from a variety of institutions. It is partly inspired by the thoughtful conversations that grew up around the blog What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy.

We invite everyone to contribute. Many posts will be written by people of color in philosophy. But we hope that not all will be.

One thought on “What is it like to be a person of colour in philosophy?

  1. Hi, Mark here.
    I graduated from Houston, minor in Philosophy. In a city like Houston, being a person of Native American descent and involved in Philosophy helps out a ton. My Phil knowledge puts me at odds with the religion crowd. Besides that, I am absolutely fascinated with every philosophy book I read.

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