Anne Jaap Jacobson featured scholar at the Brains Blog

Regular readers will know that Professor Anne Jacobson is one of the blogging team here at Feminist Philosophers, and we’re proud to announce that she is currently the Brains Blog featured scholar. For those who don’t know, Anne works in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, as well as feminist philosophy. She is the Director of the University of Houston Center for Neuro-Engineering and Cognitive Science, Emerita Professor of Philosophy and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston, as well as being a Visiting Academic at Somerville College, Oxford. Anne will be posting four pieces over at the Brains Blog. The topics will include neurophilosophy, Aquinas and Hume on mental representations, and feminist reactions to the news of our cognitive frailty. Anyone familiar with Anne’s work will know these posts will be really interesting and well worth a read – go take a look!