Agreeableness and academic success

I was reminded of a discussion from a few years ago about philosophers “seeming smart” by hearing about a recent study investigating correlations between features of personality (measured by others, as opposed to self-reported) and academic success.

The study’s results suggest (in line with previous findings) that “conscientiousness” and “openness” are both significant predictors of academic success.

Interestingly, in this study a small but significant correlation was found between “agreeableness” as rated by others and academic success. Agreeableness is characterized here as “reflecting tendencies to be peaceful, tolerant, warm and accommodating” and said to be “linked with prosocial tendencies, in contrast with antagonistic behavior”.

2 thoughts on “Agreeableness and academic success

  1. i’ve only had a quick read of the abstract, but it loooked as though they are just talking about student success. It seems to me a bit alarming. Are we finding out that teachers’ pets are rewarded?

  2. Indeed, that is an alarming hypothesis that could be an interpretation of this data. As with “seeming smart” I would wonder about who “seems agreeable” to whom.

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