Presidential rejection of toy gendering

Merry Christmas!

In a video making the rounds this week, the president joins First Lady Michelle Obama to present gifts to the Marine’s Toys for Tots program at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. When it’s time to sort the toys into “boy” boxes and “girl” boxes, President Obama goes against the grain.

“You know what? I just want to make sure some girls play some ball,” he says as he places a basketball in the girls bin.

A few moments later, “T-ball? Girls like T-ball.” And into the girls bin goes the Little Tikes set.

At one point Obama appears to catch flak from the crowd of onlookers for placing a toy tool kit in the girls bin.

“Girls don’t like toys?” he replies.

2 thoughts on “Presidential rejection of toy gendering

  1. Mildly progressive – but girls playing sports and/or being tomboys is pretty widely accepted and encouraged even. More progressive would be to put a doll in the boys bin, or to refuse to sort them into genders at all.

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