The Guardian on philosophy’s maleness and whiteness

Many voices from British philosophy here!


Just one small sample, from Meena Dhanda:

The thorn of racism is so deep in the flesh of philosophy that it is no longer visible from the surface. It hurts. We need more black philosophers, women philosophers – adventurers and heretics, unruly, rigorous and untiring thinkers, committed to making philosophy respond to the world we inhabit.


3 thoughts on “The Guardian on philosophy’s maleness and whiteness

  1. So, this is in the context of the UK’s Equality Unit’s report on equality issues in UK HE which contains some disturbing stats not just on gender but also on disability issues, BME staff nos etc. (I’ve just circulated it round my local union committee as part of a happy new year email!). The report also contains statistics on student % wrt gender, BME status, disability etc. *but* unfortunately, lumps those we might be interested in under ‘historical and philosophical studies’. The m-f split in those figures across 1st yr undergrads, taught postgrads, research postgrads is not so alarming (e.g. 56-44) but its impossible to discern whether in philosophy the split shifts from undergrad to taught pg or from the latter to research pg or remains roughly 50-50 only to change dramatically when we look at the employment figs. Does anyone (e.g. from the BPA) know of any figures for the student %s?

  2. Brilliant – thanks Jenny! (What the BPA report shows is a steady decline from ug to MA, to PhD and then to jobs, temp and perm (44%, 37, 31, 28, 24 respectively). Hopefully there will be a follow up study to determine if any of the recommendations were implemented and if so what effect they had.)

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