UK Mentoring workshop : apply by 2 March!

Women PhD students and early career women– do apply!

Submissions are invited for SWIP-associated mentoring and networking workshop for graduate and early career women from all areas of philosophy.

Aims of the Workshop

This workshop will be the first of its kind in the UK, roughly following the example set by Princeton University’s Networking and Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Women in Philosophy held in August earlier this year.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together graduate and early career women in philosophy from a selection of philosophical areas in order to offer support and encouragement to develop a thriving community of women in philosophy.

The workshop will provide graduate and early career women with feedback on their work and advice on a career in philosophy. Alongside the philosophical talks, there will be presentations discussing a wide range of issues facing women in philosophy. We hope that a consequence of the workshop will be an enhanced support network, which will encourage more women into the discipline.

Submission Guidelines

We invite graduate students and early career women (within three years of completing PhD) in philosophy to submit papers for presentation at the workshop.

We invite contributions from all areas in philosophy, and mentors will be selected on the research interests of the papers accepted. We particularly encourage papers from aesthetics and philosophy of psychology since Professor Kathleen Stock and Dr. Hanna Pickard are confirmed as mentors for these areas, due to generous funding from both the British Society of Aesthetics and Lisa Bortolotti’s ERC-funded project PERFECT.

Selected speakers will present their paper, and also have a mentoring and advice session on their paper with an expert in their field. Submissions should be between 3000-4000 words in length, suitable for presentation within forty minutes. Submissions should be prepared for anonymous review, be in Word or PDF format, and sent to no later than Monday 2nd March 2015. Please include your name, institutional affiliation, and title of your paper in the body of the email.

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by mid-April. Accepted speakers will have their registration and accommodation for the duration of the workshop paid, as well as travel costs up to £100.

The organisers are committed to making the workshop accessible to disabled philosophy. All rooms will be wheelchair accessible. Philosophers needing interpreters or assistive technology are asked to communicate such needs as soon as possible to the organisers. If you need childcare to attend the conference, we are happy to help you arrange this and we may be able to offset costs.

Any queries should be sent to the organisers, Helen Bradley, Suki Finn, and Ema Sullivan-Bissett, at yorkswip2015 AT

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