CFP: Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Deadline January 15!!

Duke University June 4-6


Mahzarin Banaji, with reply from Keith Payne Frances Egan, with reply from Karen Neander Dan Sperber, with reply from Kurt Gray


“Imagination,” with Melanie Green, Neil van Leeuwen, and Marjorie Taylor

“Cognitive Ontologies,” with Michael Anderson, Scott Huettel, and Colin Klein

“Implicit Attitudes,” with Bertram Gawronski, Kerry Kawakami, and Jennifer Nagel

Presentation types:
–Long-form presentation: 30 minutes plus Q&A –Short-form presentations: 15-20 minutes plus Q&A –Posters

Philosophical or psychological research may be submitted for any of the above formats. For short and long-form presentations, author(s) may choose to submit either an abstract no longer than 1500 words or a paper no longer than 3000 words. For posters, authors should submit an abstract no longer than 750 words. Work that is not accepted for the author(s)’ preferred format may be considered for a short-form presentation or poster.

Papers and abstracts must be written in a format appropriate for anonymous review and employ gender-neutral language. Individual authors may submit only one paper or abstract as first author, though they may be co-authors on other submissions. Childcare will be available.

Submit here.


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