The UnMute Podcast: a platform for voices in philosophy that have been silenced

We’re really excited to see that a fantastic new series of podcasts is starting. Hosted by Myisha Cherry, The UnMute Podcast is a new monthly philosophy podcast that seeks to provide a platform to voices and topics that have been silenced. Myisha writes:

The aim of the podcast is to:
a) Allow a general audience to see that there are philosophers that exist who are not old white men. They are young, women, black, queer, hispanic, etc.
b) To provide listeners with an opportunity to see how a philosopher’s work connects to the ethical, social, and political dramas of the day.
c) Highlight philosophers whose research is not given much attention in mainstream philosophy either because it is controversial or not taken seriously.

Our first episode features Yale University philosophy professor, Jason Stanley. We chat about satire, public intellectualism, liberalism, and we try to answer the question: Can anyone be a philosopher?

We’re looking forward to listening!