YZ Yseult is a French street artist. She has produced a series of beautiful paintings on walls in Senegal to honour the 19th Century warrior women who defended their country Dahomey (present-day Republic of Benin) against French colonial invaders. They were known as the Dahomey Amazons, which is why she has chosen this title for the series. YZ says: “I want to show warriors from ancient times; revolutionists, anti-colonialists, intellectual women who have written the story of Africa. We need figures to be proud of our roots, to keep fighting for our rights, and to write the story of tomorrow.”

Photo copyright YZ.
Photo copyright YZ.

[The picture shows a large side profile of an African female warrior wearing a helmet, painted on the side of what appears to be an abandoned building in Senegal.]

The Huffington Post has more here.

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