New Blog: Discrimination and Disadvantage

This new blog looks like it will be great. Looking forward to reading it when it launches in the next few weeks.

In recent years, philosophers have increasingly reflected on how various kinds of privilege and advantage are at work in the profession with an eye towards improving the lot of the disadvantaged. This blog is a space for philosophical reflection on various kinds of disadvantage (e.g., discrimination based on racism, classism, sexism, hetero-sexism, ableism, and the intersectionality of these and related phenomena) as well as discussion of such disadvantage within the philosophical community.

2 thoughts on “New Blog: Discrimination and Disadvantage

  1. Looking at the faculty rosters of leiterrific departments it would seem that one key aspect in which they fail to be representative of the population at large is the paucity of graduates of non-elite BA programs. This is closely related to the much-discussed issues of class and race, but not gender.

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