SWIP UK Conference: Philosophy and Other Voices


‘Philosophy and Other Voices’

SWIP UK Annual Conference

University of Essex, 27-28 March 2015

Registration is now open for the 2015 SWIP UK conference. This year the conference will be held at the University of Essex. The theme of this years conference is ‘Philosophy and Other Voices’.
To register for the conference, please go to: http://www.essex.ac.uk/online_shop/philosophy/swip/conference.aspx


Keynote speakers

Dr Meena Dhanda, University of Wolverhampton

Professor Pamela Sue Anderson, University of Oxford

Selected titles and speakers
How ‘Objectivity’ Fails Philosophy; Why Philosophy Needs Diversity
Devora Shapiro, Southern Oregon University
Autism and Philosophy: Can Wittgenstein Help Us Understand Autistic Conceptual Problems?
Robert Chapman, University of Essex
Pluralism All the Way Down – Social Objectivity and Scientific Consensus
Jessica Laimann, University of Oxford
Quinoa qua Kwinoah: Philosophy and the Working Class
Karl Dando, independent scholar
Community in Fragments: Reading Relation in the Fragments of Heraclitus
Carrie Giunta, Central St Martins
On Being a Queer Reader of Augustine
Benjamin Brewer, University of Oregon
Athena Swan Lake: The Sororicidal Ballet of Academic Feminism
Lorna Finlayson, University of Cambridge
Reversibility and Chiasm: False Equivalents? An Alternative Approach to Understanding Difference in Merleau-Ponty’s Late Philosophy
Fiona Hughes, University of Essex

More information on the conference, and visitor information for the University of Essex, can be found here:http://www.essex.ac.uk/philosophy/news_and_seminars/swip-uk-conference.aspx

For queries please email Rosie Worsdale: rworsd@essex.ac.uk