CFP, Challenging Ontologies, long abstracts by Feb.20

Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy 2015

CSWIP 2015 is at the University of Regina, and the deadline for abstracts of 1,000 words is Feb. 20, 2015. Full conference information is here.

Challenging Ontologies: Making Sense in Ethics, Science, Politics, and Art

October 23-25, 2015
Campion College at the University of Regina, Canada

Keynote Address by Lisa Gannett, St. Mary’s University, Halifax

The Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy invites papers and panel proposals from all areas of philosophy and all philosophical approaches, including analytical, continental, and historically oriented philosophy.

In the broadest sense, ontologies are simply ways of making the world intelligible. As Annemarie Mol suggests, “ontology is not given in the order of things… ontologies are brought into being, sustained, or allowed to wither away in common, day-to-day, sociomaterial practices.” In that spirit, paper and panel topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Social ontologies, hidden ontologies, and the making of social meaning
• Socio-material practices and conceptual or linguistic strategies as ways of making sense
• Epistemological, ethical, and aesthetic considerations of ontological assumptions and practices
• Feminist metaphysics; material feminisms
• Critical metaphysics/ontologies of race, disability, fat, queerness, class
• Ontologies of pleasure and the erotic
• Ontologies of violence, vulnerability, colonialism, shame, trauma
• Challenging ontological orthodoxies in science, politics, ethics, aesthetics, technology, language, argumentation, environment, architecture, and education
• Onto-epistemology and ethico-onto-epistemology
• Artifactual histories and the ontologies of museums, galleries, laboratories, instruments
• Practices of mapping, visualizing, and representing as ontologically salient