Climate Contacts

I’ve been asked to post this call for climate contacts:

Hello, philosophers!

We are a gender climate group for philosophy applicants for next fall, and we’re collecting information on “climate contacts” in individual departments.

Would you be able to send info to about contacts in departments with which you’re affiliated? We will be posting this in our 2015 women applicants group, but if you also have contacts that would be helpful for sharing information on your departments’ track records, support systems, and attitudes when it comes to race, disability, LGBT+, and more, we can find a way to distribute this information to applicants through grad cafe or by email. If you would prefer for this information to remain private, we can respond to individual emails from applicants.

If this is successful, we’d like to post this information on an updatable blog to make it available to next year’s applicants (with permission from contributors before making public posts).

Please indicate whether it is okay to post these contacts in a public forum, or whether you prefer that we share them in a private group, or with individual applicants whose identity has been confirmed.

For a better idea of the sort of information we mean, here is an example of one email we received (names redacted):

I’m the grad pres at [UNIVERSITY X] for the philosophy department, and hang out to answer questions, etc. about attending [UNIVERSITY X]. While this is typically useful I think, understandably there may be people who may not want to approach me with certain questions, e.g. about the climate at [UNIVERSITY X]. I was hoping you could pass along contact info for alternative people who may help potential applicants, so that they needn’t approach me to talk to someone else.

And here’s an example of providing climate contacts:

All women and transgender people in our department are members of SWIP…. If prospective students would like to contact a professor, I would suggest they contact [NAME] or [NAME]. If they would like to contact a graduate student, any of the following people are active in SWIP and would be great help:[NAMES]. Lastly, if a non-gender conforming prospective student has questions regarding climate, [NAME] would be of great help (please address them by non-gendered pronouns, e.g. they/them/their).”