Names and pseudonyms

Hi everybody! After a little hiatus, I’m back. And I have a favor to ask. As most readers know, this pseudonym has been pretty publicly outed in various places. Despite that, I’m still going to keep using it here, and I’d like to ask that as much as possible my name be kept off this blog. (My first name is fine, but leave the last name out of it.) I’d like to minimize the amount of creepy email I get, especially since I already get plenty as it is. And keeping my full name off this blog is an important part of doing that. Yes, I am looking directly at you, persons who arrived here this week by searching for “handicapped porn”, “hairy feminist cunt”, “do feminists do anal?”, and “vaginas are gross”. Like most academics, my email address and phone number are publicly available and easily locatable. The internet is weird, and the treatment of women on the internet is especially weird. So as much as I don’t care that philosophers know who I am, I would prefer that everyone who visits this site not be able to easily contact me.

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  1. Great to have you back, Betty Crocker! [There, now if anyone tries to look you up, they’ll find some retro nostalgic recipes and baking hacks to keep them busy. Let the trolls eat cake?]

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