CFA May 1: Atheism and Liberal Theology

I can think of many philosophers, including some notable women and feminist scholars, who would offer excellent contributions to this anthology editor’s Call for Abstracts (from this site):

Idols & Mysteries: Atheists and their Sophisticated Respondents

It is often claimed by liberal theologians (Terry Eagleton, Gavin Hyman, Marcus Borg, Denys Turner, John Haught, etc) and popular writers (Karen Armstrong, David Bentley Hart, Marcus Borg, etc) that atheists misconstrue religion. One common accusation is that atheists reject the idolatrous god of conservative theology but not the mysterious, incomprehensible god of liberal negative theology. In turn, atheists have claimed that “sophisticated theology” does not take seriously the views of most religious adherents and that there is no need to read sophisticated discourses about God if God does not exist (P.Z. Myer’s “Courtier’s Reply”).

The editor(s) seek abstracts (150-300 words) for papers to be included in an anthology evaluating the debate between liberal theology and contemporary atheism. Please send abstracts to idolsandmysteries at gmail dot com.

2 thoughts on “CFA May 1: Atheism and Liberal Theology

  1. Any idea who the editors behind the anonymous email address are? There is no clear indication in the CFP.

  2. Mark S, I checked my emails and it looks like the person to contact is Dan Linford.
    Email: dlinford [at] vt [dot] edu

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