Public Philosophy Op-Ed Awards

The APA awards have been announced! Readers of this blog will be especially interested to hear that fabulous feminist philosopher Kathryn Pogin has won for one of her Huffington Post pieces. They might also like to look at the hideously relevant column by George Yancy on Walking While Black. Heck, actually, they’re all great! Go check them out.

One thought on “Public Philosophy Op-Ed Awards

  1. Glad you are circulating this, but the awards were actually announced at the Eastern APA in December 2014. The new announcement is that folks should submit their favorite philosophical Op-Ed from 2014. Self-nominations are welcome. The form is available in the APA website. And you’ll also find all the last winners and links to their essays. This years announcement will be in June, to give winners time to arrange to be at the Eastern APA next January to receive their awards. Nominate!!

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