“Proportions of Women on the Program of the Pacific APA” at The Splintered Mind

Eric Schwitzgebel has taken a look at the Pacific APA program, coding for gender and prestige.

“I found that 275/856 (32%) of Pacific APA main program participants were women. Although this may sound low, it is substantially higher than the proportion of women in the profession overall, which is typically estimated to be in the low 20%’s in North America (e.g., here). (275/856 > 21%, two-tailed exact p < .001; even classifying all ambiguous names as men yields 28% vs. 21%, exact p < .001).”

He also discusses issues with the sample sizes and solicits ideas about this sort of project.

” […] I found no clear tendency for women to appear disproportionately at either a higher or lower level of prestige than men.”

“Analysis of more years’ data, which I hope to explore in the future, will give more power to detect smaller effect sizes, and will also allow temporal analysis, to see how representation of women in the profession has been changing over time.”