7 thoughts on “GCC: Ontological Edition

  1. are they prominent? I’ve never heard of any of them before.”

    At least some of them are pretty big names in “recent” continental philosophy. (Maybe all of them are – it’s not my area and I don’t know the work of even those whose names I recognize very well at all, but I do know that a few of them are big names in that field.)

  2. Is it noteworthy that in monitoring and criticizing the marginalization of women in philosophy, this website, among others, marginalizes Continental philosophy and often does not seem to care if women are marginalized within it? While the website has noted that marginalization in this case, there are scores of other instances of all male conferences in Continental philosophy that never get a mention here or at the GCC.

  3. Virginia, we base our GCC posts almost exclusively on conferences that are sent into us by readers. I actually don’t think I’ve ever posted one under another circumstance. If you have others you would like us to post about, please do send them in.

  4. VW, comments that contain links can get swallowed by our spam filter. I don’t think I’ve seen any GCC info from you. So it may be getting lost. Do try the link to send us mail, which is on the right sde of the page.

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