A new radio programme to check out

We’ve got a new post up over at What We’re Doing, about Beth Matthews’s new radio programme, Radical Philosophy. It seeks out women philosophers as interviewees and covers a wide range of topics:

Over the last six months I have unearthed an incredible amount of talent in the topics I have sought interviews for: these topics have ranged from logic and reason, two-dimensional semantics and personal identity. I have also thought outside the standard philosophical box and have aired interviews about the philosophy of female football fans, feminist geography, the sexualisation of young girls and feminist bioethics…

Reader query: Novel for feminist philosophy course?

A reader writes:

This is a general request for help in choosing a text for a feminist philosophy course.
At the request of one of my students I would like to add a novel (novella or short story would also be fine) to my syllabus. My student suggested The Handmaid’s Tale, but my preference would be to add something (1) more contemporary or (2) something that considers gender as it intersects with race and/or disability. I have a couple of ideas, but would appreciate more suggestions as I am sure there are great things I’m overlooking. For reference, this is an introductory level undergraduate course open to students who may not have had any previous exposure to either philosophy or women/gender studies.
Thanks for your help!