Inclusive fees campaign

The inclusive fees campaign now has a site where you can pledge your support.

Join this campaign and pledge to do one or more of the following:
1. pledge to provide a reduced or waived fees category for contingent faculty and other underemployed academics in any conference you organize
2. lobby the academic organizations you are a member of to provide such reduced fees
3. if you are in a privileged position within academia, you can also follow one or more of these practices:
a.if you are asked to be a reviewer at a conference, ask organizers if they are considering a special registration category for non-TT scholars your accommodation and/or travel expenses, asking organizers to put the money toward help for those less able to afford the conference
c.when giving a department seminar, suggest an inexpensive restaurant so that those with less money can come
d.if you are invited to give a talk, depending on your economic situation you can refuse an honorarium, asking organizers to use the money to help those less able to afford the conference

2 thoughts on “Inclusive fees campaign

  1. How great! Thank you for providing the pledge page! I’d note that non-Ph.D. researchers also inhabit the population of contingent researchers and faculty. I am an adjunct in the sphere of law and legal studies; my writing addresses such topics as personhood, migration, rights theory and environmental ethics. Legal writing, research and teaching comprises a field in which profs typically hold a J.D. (some of us also hold an LL.M.).Everything in your proposal applies to legal theory and law conferences; and I’m sure I’m not the only legal researcher who has also presented work at conferences.for philosophy, bioethics, gender studies, etc.

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