Congrats! You have an all male panel.

A less polite variation of our gendered conference campaign letter but also a visual record of what it’s like when there are no women speakers, here.

3 thoughts on “Congrats! You have an all male panel.

  1. Elaine Landry’s volume-in-progress on category theory is singled out on this blog. This strikes me as odd. Is it productive or counterproductive to single out a volume that is, to be fair, only 2/19th non-male authors, but where the editor is not male? I don’t know that I have an opinion here – I am just wondering if others do.

  2. I hadn’t seen that, Roy – thanks for pointing it out. (I’d seen this meme and the blog but only scrolled through it a little. I can’t speak for axiothea, but I suspect she did something similar.) I definitely think it’s counterproductive to include Elaine Landry’s volume on the blog, not the least because – as you say – it isn’t all male! The entry also made some rather dismissive comments about Landry’s work as editor (‘she has to do all the work’ or something like that) to discount her contribution to the volume, which I thought was really unfortunate. I notice the entry has now been edited, but I wish they’d have just taken it down.

  3. I hadn’t seen it either, and I agree it should be taken down – it’s clearly not an all male project. Thanks for pointed it out. (I’ve contacted the owner of the tumblr).

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