Literature on all-women spaces and femininity?

A student is looking for literature on all-women spaces, like e.g. women’s schools. She’s especially interested in the extent to which femininity is or isn’t performed (or is performed differently) in these places. Any pointers?

One thought on “Literature on all-women spaces and femininity?

  1. Not entirely devoted to this topic, but see Margaret Rossiter, Women Scientists in America vol 1 (up to 1940) In spite of the public perception that women’s colleges were weak in the sciences, she notes that most women in the sciences by the end of the period were either ‘students or grandstudents’ of a group of women on the faculty of women’s colleges earlier in the century. She also tracks the career of Ellen Swallow Richards, the chemist who invented ‘home economics’ as a space for women when the sciences, especially chemistry, were very difficult places for women to be.

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