Sexism in “Oxford Today”?

It’s the Oxford glossy; this one for Trinity Term. In the section “Common Room”, which features book essays and Reviews, all 13 reviews are about books by men. There is an essay about a book by a man and a woman.

In other news, the sun rose this morning.

7 thoughts on “Sexism in “Oxford Today”?

  1. Often, the obituaries in Oxford Today are disproportionately of men (or so it has seemed to me over the years); but this issue has only one obituary in the print magazine, and it is of a distinguished woman historian. So this should be mentioned.

  2. Let’s in any case be cautious about encouraging Oxford Today in being *too* proactive in achieving gender parity in its obituaries…

  3. Good thinking, David. Oxford has produced fine women mystery writers, and we certainly don’t want it to move on to producing mysterious deaths of female dons. Plug, by the way, for my college, Somerville, as the source of some excellent fictional mysteries.

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