‘Me’ Studies

A great post from Audrey Yap over at Digressionsnimpressions:

A recent column by Joseph Heath at Toronto discusses the issue of “‘me’ studies,” which I take to be a phenomenon of people studying too narrowly the circumstances of their own lives. This is in part a problem, Heath writes, because it goes against “the broad intent of a humanistic education, which is to gain some understanding of the extraordinary variety of human experience, both historically and in other cultures – to drive home the idea that different people understand and evaluate the world in fundamentally different ways.” And I agree!–Western philosophy in general has too much in the way of “me” studies, namely straight, upper-middle-class, cis, heterosexual white men studying other straight, upper-middle-class, cis, heterosexual white men. This, as far as I can tell, has narrowed the discipline in general, much to its detriment. – See more at: http://digressionsnimpressions.typepad.com/digressionsimpressions/2015/06/guest-post-on-what-is-the-real-problem-of-me-studies.html#sthash.uh5s2lbz.dpuf