Diversity Reading List: Combating under-representation in Philosophy

The Diversity Reading List  is a great new resource for introducing texts by women and non-white authors in philosophy courses. It is still very new so please contribute to help it grow.

The issue of under-representation of women and non-white persons in philosophy is now more widely known, and students are asking explicitly “why is my curriculum white?” Many faculty members are aware that one way to combat this under-representation is to include work from under-represented groups in their syllabi as it directly challenges the stereotype of the white male philosopher. However, locating a good number of suitable texts can be difficult and time consuming, and this is why we have created the Diversity Reading List which enables teachers to quickly locate high-quality texts from under-represented groups that are directly relevant to their teaching. Currently, the list focuses on ethics, but in the near future it will be expanded to all areas of philosophy.

The List exists largely thanks to the involvement and recommendations of all those who care about making philosophy a discipline of equal opportunity. It is a new and evolving resource, and we would welcome recommendations of texts to be included. We also encourage you to share your experiences of using specific texts in teaching by posting comments to particular list entries. Please use our Contribute page for recommendations and all other comments and suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Diversity Reading List: Combating under-representation in Philosophy

  1. I’m wondering….is the idea that we recommend texts (by members of underrepresented groups) that are especially suitable for undergrad teaching? Or any text we think is good? Or….?

  2. The ‘About’ page places the emphasis on undergraduate teaching, but because we all have slightly different approaches to deciding what would count as a good text for that purpose, I would suggest that anything you think is good by under-represented groups should be sent as a suggestion. It would certainly be useful to have a list of texts for the purposes of citations in research, as we have a recorded tendency not to cite under-represented groups.

  3. First of all, thank you for posting this on your blog, we really appreciate your support!

    Yes, the Diversity Reading List aims at gathering texts which are particularly useful in teaching. We also offer some brief comments on using them in teaching, and link to further resources when possible. Thus we invite primarily contributions focusing on texts most suitable for teaching. However, we do not want to limit ourselves to undergraduate level only, thus more demanding texts which can be suitable for Masters level courses are equally welcome.

    As to a list which might be suitable for research purposes, I highly recommend using The UP Directory (http://www.theupdirectory.com), which gathers the names of all philosophers from under-represented groups without selecting texts with teaching in mind.

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