“I’m Sorry!”

The research reported in a post below concludes that women are disproportionately made to feel guilty for any lapses in caring behavior.  If that’s true, one might expect to see (some/many) women as very prone to apologize a great deal, even for things only vaguely connected to them, to feel bad when they are especially assertive, and even to offer care-taking when it is hardly appropriately.

The skit by the comedian Amy Schumer linked to below captures such behavior.  Can you relate?



4 thoughts on ““I’m Sorry!”

  1. This post seems inconsistent with the July 5 pay about policing women’s language. Are we stuck between a rock and a hard place about the behavior of our female peers? I love the Schumer skit but it would be oppressive given the content of the July 5 post.

  2. Amy, thanks.
    As for nationalities: i think “sorry” may be more unisex in the UK – that’s been suggested in any case. I don’t know about Canada, and I should indeed have mentioned this might be not be universal at all.

    I thought of raising the question of whether this is another case of language policing. I forgot. I’m inclined to think it goes more over toward attitudes than speech style. It’s linked in the sketch to more than speech style. But others may disagree.

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