Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, launched

Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 1, hit the virtual stands today, and on behalf of Samantha Brennan, Carla Fehr, and Alice MacLachlan, I’m pleased and proud to remind readers that it is anonymously peer-reviewed, free to writers and to readers, and each article is available in downloadable PDF form. Submissions for future issues are welcome at the website!

Our thanks to the authors and to peer reviewers for contributing to making this possible.

The Contents of FPQ 1.1:

Care, Concern, and Advocacy: Is There a Place for Epistemic Responsibility? by Lorraine Code

After Mr. Nowhere: What Kind of Proper Self for a Scientist?       by Sandra Harding

Different Voices, Perfect Storms, and Asking Grandma What She Thinks: Situating Experimental Philosophy in Relation to Feminist Philosophy       by Gaile Pohlhaus Jr.

Female Under-Representation Among Philosophy Majors: 
A Map of the Hypotheses and a Survey of the Evidence   by Tom Dougherty, Samuel Baron, and Kristie Miller

Gestation and Parental Rights: Why is Good Enough Good Enough?        by Lindsey Porter

Technology and Narratives of Continuity in Transgender Experiences       by  Amy Billingsley

Fact/Value Holism, Feminist Philosophy, and Nazi Cancer Research         by   Sharyn Clough

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