First Parliamentary Inquiry into Equality for Trans People

MPs have launched the first-ever inquiry into trans rights.

The portrayal of transgender people in the media and the access to gender reassignment treatment on the NHS will be investigated by MPs holding the first ever Commons inquiry into equality for trans people.

The newly-formed Women and Equalities Committee will examine the obstacles transgender people face to getting the same rights as everybody else against facing “discrimination and unfair treatment”.

Labour MP Jess Philips, who serves on the committee, told The Huffington Post UK it was time the “fairest, happiest and healthiest” lives could be offered to the trans community.

The 11 MP-strong committee will look at the language used to define trans people, how transgender equality issues are dealt with by Whitehall departments and agencies, as well as how they are treated by schools, the NHS and the criminal justice system.

Hopefully, this will be a thoroughly good thing which will improve the lives of trans people.  Sadly, I have trouble believing that with this government.  And however good the inquiry may be, the gutting of the NHS and general slashing of the welfare net will surely hit trans people very hard.  All that I can find regarding the record on this issues of Maria Miller, the chair, is this tidbit from Wikipedia: “In May 2012 she urged the Prime Minister to continue with proposals to introduce same-sex marriage in England and Wales, despite either voting against or being absent for “all major LGBT rights votes” since becoming an MP.”